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Our HR Advisory Service offering include:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Outsourced Manpower and Payroll Services
  • Training and Manpower Development Services
  • Surveys Services
Recruitment Services

People are the cornerstone of every successful organization and we recognize that an organisation is only as good as its people. At Drakkevista, we assist organisations to identify the right personnel to meet their specific requirements.

Successful recruitment demands a skilled professional approach and often requires a significant amount of time over a short period. We make such commitments to ensure our clients get the right people when needed. The range of our recruitment services includes:

  • Mass recruitment campaigns.
  • Filling of one–off vacancies.
  • Selection of top flight Personal Assistants.
  • Sourcing contract staff.
  • Contract personnel management.
  • We help identify people for contract or fixed term employment.
  • Contract personnel.

We develop and administer recruitment tests to assess the intelligence and technical skills of the applicants/candidate. We will also employ our Skills and Competency Assessment Program (SCAP) framework to design and conduct the staff assessments

Overview of our recruitment process

  • Define positions to be filled.
  • Define candidate profile/ selection criteria.
  • Define search regions / population.
  • Determine search approach.
  • Agree deliverables and time schedules.
  • Select project team.
  • Agree fees/ resource requirements

  • Draft and place advertisements (if necessary).
  • Review Drakkevista Database.
  • Conduct search.
  • Evaluate candidate profiles.
  • Shortlist candidates.
  • Assess candidates.

  • Prepare status reports.
  • Prima-facie qualified candidates.
  • Test results.
  • Summary/appraisal of recommended candidates from screening interviews.
  • Other agreed milestones.

  • Conduct final interview(s).
  • Remuneration and other negotiations.
  • Make final selection.
Outsourced Manpower and Payroll Services

Manage Staff - Payroll Set-up, Payroll Admin, Ancillary Functions

At the point of engagement, Drakkevista shall enter into contractual agreement with Client in respect of the engagement contract. Drakkevista will carry out the following to meet Client’ personnel and administrative requirements:

  • Drakkevista to provide Client with personnel for a period of not more than six (6) months, as required.
  • The personnel would be assigned to work at the designated Client office.
  • The personnel would observe and comply with all the instructions, regulations and directions, which may be given to them by Client from time to time.
  • This category of employees would be assigned to Client for a period of six (6) months and above.
  • They would provide services to Client designated client as the case may be.
  • They would also observe and comply with all the instructions, regulations anddirections, which may be given to them by Client from time to time.
  • They will transfer knowledge and technical know-how to assigned Client staff as directed or may be assigned to them.
  • Prepare terms of engagement between Contract Personnel (CP) and Drakkevista.
  • Data entry – input each personnel compensation data, including available tax allowances.
  • Prepare payroll structure.
  • Obtain bank details.
  • Discuss insurance policy options.
  • Process payroll for each month.
  • Submit the monthly payroll/schedule on or before the 17th of each month.
  • Remit salary and taxes to the relevant personnel and regulatory bodies on or before the 25th of each month.
  • Liaise with the relevant bodies to obtain receipts evidencing remittances.
  • Register personnel for tax and other statutory purposes.
  • Forward completed statutory forms to each personnel for required signature.
  • File the completed forms with the relevant bodies and obtain tax deduction cards for each personnel.
  • Obtain each personnel’s TCC, if required.
  • Determine training needs and draw up a budget and organise and facilitate relevant trainings for all personnel.
  • To take up and implement insurance cover for all contract personnel.
  • Deduct and remit employee’s pension contribution to chosen Pension Fund Administrators (PFA).
  • To take up and implement health care plan for all contract personnel.
Training and Manpower Development
Drakkevista Skills and Competencies Assessment Program (D-SCAP)

Most organizations review their finances on a regular basis, many through an annual audit. But often no one looks at the human capital and yet people make up one of the key assets and often the largest variable cost for organisations.

In our Training and Manpower Development Service, we look at your human resources function to determine if it is effective in meeting your organization’s needs and expectations. In conjunction with the organization and using our proprietary assessment tools, we carry out a Skills and Competencies Assessment Program (SCAP) to determine the skill levels and gaps for various staff cadre.

The outcome of the SCAP helps us carry out and implement the following:

  • Define leaning and development strategy and related programmes appropriate for their organisation’s.
  • Design, develop and implement competency skills and knowledge frameworks.
  • Undertake competency-based capability (knowledge, skills, behaviour e.t.c) needs assessments.
  • Undertake and evaluate learning design and delivery.
  • Provide competency advice and help clients comply with regulatory issues regarding training and development in Nigeria.
  • Support learning and development efforts with Psychometrics.
  • Facilitate management retreat programmes.
  • Executive coaching support ( one-on-one, on demand).
  • Organise seminars, workshops & conferences/forums, special events.
  • e-learning initiative & option.
  • Offer as in-company or public programmes, a large portfolio of Centre for Management Development accredited learning and capacity building interventions.
Training Portfolios

Our training portfolios cover seven key areas as follows:

We create designs and technology.

We provide high quality & cost effective services

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Strategy, Leadership & General Management Programmes

Supervisory Skills Development Course; Managerial Skills Development Course; Emerging Leaders Programme; Leading & Managing Change; Competitive Strategy Development; Turning Strategy into Action; Building & Leading the Team; Executive Team Leadership; Problem Solving & Decision Making

Consulting Skills Development Programme

Basic Consulting Skills Programme; Self Management Skills in a Professional Service Environment; Analytical & Problem Solving Skills Programme; Behavioural, Communication & Change Management Programme; Marketing and Managing Consulting Assignments; Managing and Developing a Consulting Practice.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurial Thinking: A New Mindset for Business Growth; Starting Your Own Business; Raising & Investing Start-Up Funds; Business Management Fundamentals for Owner Managed Businesses; Advanced Business Management Skills for Owner Managed Businesses

Basic Accounting, Finance & Audit Programmes

Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance for Non- Accountants & Finance Professionals; Finance for Non-Finance Managers; Internal Audit Fundamentals; Managing Internal Audit Teams.

Sales, Marketing & Operations Management

Basic Salesmanship Course; Advanced Salesmanship Course; Rainmaking (Selling with Professional Services); Key Accounts Management; Customer Care; Project Management; Service Management.

Human Resources Function Specific & People Management Programmes

Human Resource Management Fundamentals; Managing People for Strategic Advantage; Competency-Based Selection (Interviewing Skills for Hiring the Right People); Mastering Career Management (Fundamentals of Talent & Succession Management); Performance Management; Managing Rewards for Value Creation; Personal Income Tax (PIT) Course; Trainers Development Programme; Career Counselling; Managing Employee & Industrial Relations; Diversity Management; Employee Orientation & Induction Portfolio

Personal & Life Skills (Soft Skills)

Improving Your Personal Effectiveness (Self Organisation & Time Management); Effective Presentation Skills Course; Understanding Personality Types/Temperaments; Stimulating Emotional Intelligence at Work; Assertiveness at Work; Negotiation Skills Course; Coaching for High Performance; Effective Business Writing; Business Etiquette Advantage Programme; The Business Etiquette Advantage Programme; Creativity & Brainstorming; Personal Career Turnaround Management; Rainmaking (Selling Professional Services); Customer Care; Interviewing Skills for Hiring the Right People; Managing Personal Finance; Working Successfully with the Supervisor/Manager (Skills for getting along with the Supervisor/Manager); Pre-Retirement Workshop & Career Transition Counselling Programme


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Survey Services

Our Survey Services include:

We assist in conducting full-scale customised market survey of compensation for companies. We also maintain a proprietary compensation database reflecting the compensation levels of various sectors in the Nigerian economy, particularly the banking, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors.

By leveraging on the information stored in our database, we help to advise clients on the appropriate compensation levels and structure for the different cadres of employees.
We assist in conducting cost of living surveys in selected cities/locations or countries to enable our clients appropriately benchmark the relevant remuneration items across cities and countries of operations.

We also carry out customized surveys for specific items such as: Accommodation, Schools, and Vendors.