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Our Global Mobility Services are designed to support our Clients who are faced with complex issues associated with managing the immigration requirements of their employees.

At Drakkevista, we recognize these challenges and their implications for our clients’ business. Our professionals are qualified to work with organizations to boldly address these pertinent issues.

The objective is to free up our clients’ time to enable them to focus on their core business. We support our Clients by managing the immigration requirements of their employees. Specifically, we support with:

  • Immigration Advisory and Compliance (Inbound / Outbound)
  • Mobility Planning Advisory Services
  • Permanent and Temporary Work permits
  • Centre-Of-Competency set up and coordination
  • Expatriate Onboarding Services
  • All statutory immigration filings
  • Logistics Services
  • Office & Residential Accomodation Rentals
Mobility Planning Advisory Services

We understand the difficulty inherent in sending employees on cross-border postings, both for short term and long term assignments. It is our belief that strategic analysis and pre-planning can greatly facilitate and simplify the process.

Consequently, our Mobility Planning Advisory Service (MPAS) entails carrying out a survey of potential target countries and assembling information as to the visa requirements for each country. This allows managers and executives to have a pre-understanding of visa requirements before making a decision regarding a short-term or long-term placement in a different country.

The typical outputs of our MPAS includes:

  • Mobility manual detailing the requirements and steps for applicable visas.
  • Advisory opinion on specific areas of the client’s interest.
Immigration Advisory and Compliance Services
  • Immigration Compliance Review.
  • Assistance with all Expatriate Quota (EQ) requirements.
  • Obtaining Subject To Regularization (STR) visas and Regularization of Stay.
  • Filing of Statutory returns.
  • Deletion from EQ positions.
  • Obtaining Temporary Work Permits (TWPs), Residence Permits (CERPAC) and Multiple Re-entry.
  • Visas (MRV)/Single Re-entry Visas (SRV), ECOWAS Cards.
  • Alien registration.
  • Assessment and support with visa processing for nationals and expatriates, as maybe required.
  • Consular support services.
  • Interview prep.
  • Document procurement, certification and translation.
  • Legalisation/Authentication of documents.
  • Entry and exit briefings.
Expatriate Onboarding Services

Country Briefing

Country Briefing is one of the core services of Drakkevista. This service is specifically designed to sensitize expatriate personnel and their families to the realities of living and working in Nigeria, and how to enjoy their stay in the country in spite of the challenges.

Our proprietary approach can also assist already resident expatriates in Nigeria to fully acclimatize to the Nigerian environment. An overview of our country briefing services include:

  • Environmental Scan.
  • Culture and communication.
  • Security issues and social amenities.
  • Immigration Issues and business environment.

School Sourcing

This involves providing professional services in connection with joint inspection of selected schools based on the terms of reference provided by the client. Drakkevista has a database of preferred schools by expatriate assignees in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria.

Based on the criteria provided by the client, we will draw up a list of preferred schools from our database for the expatriates’ review and consideration. Thereafter, joint inspection of the selected schools is carried out to enable the expatriates’ make an informed decision.

Office and Residential Accomodation Rentals

Accommodation Sourcing is another of our core service. Due to the sharp practices normally exhibited by agents and landlords, property sourcing can be a risky business especially for expatriates coming to the country for the first time. We assist individuals or corporate clients in the acquisition of office or residential apartments for their expatriate staff.

We carry out the following functions:

  • Maintain a database of choice properties for all types of home and office accommodation and office space.
  • Source for temporary/permanent office space.
  • Source for serviced apartments.
  • Source for permanent home accommodation.
  • Advise and assist in negotiations on property related issues.
Logistics Services

We assist in the provision of logistics support to our clients, to ensure a smooth integration in to the Nigerian society. Key service areas include: environment. An overview of our country briefing services include:

  • Airport expediting (meet & greet).
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Transportation.